DATE: June 17th, 2017 LOCATION: Putnam City West High School Track ENTRY FEE: Students - - - $15 (up to 4 events) Adults - - - $15 (first event) / $5 each additional event. ON-LINE ENTRIES: Youth Clubs enter on-line at --- (see below for details). Unattached Students & Adults enter on the “State Games” website: HERE On-line Endry Deadline: June 14th @ 11:00pm (NO EXCEPTiONS) No “morning of” signups. AGE GROUPS: Students - - - based on current grade or grade as of previous school year. Adults - - - based on age on the day of competition (June 17, 2017) IMPORTANT: To register students who are part of a CLUB the “Coach of Record” must have an ENDURO USA account - and the club must be a “recognized” club on the ENDURO USA website. “Unattached” students must enter through the State Games website. - - - “Unattached” click HERE. IMPORTANT: The grade coaches and parents enter their students in for TSGO will NOT be changed at the meet after results are printed unless the student is incorrectly entered in a grade younger than the grade he/she was in during the previous school year. Club Coaches (and parents of unattached students) will be given an opportunity, prior to the start of the first event, to make any corrections in student grades that are needed. AWARDS: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each event - in each Grade / Age Group (listed below) will receive a medal:      Student - 2nd Grade (and younger) - 3rd Grade - 4th Grade - 5th Grade - 6th Grade - 7th Grade - 8th Grade - 9th Grade - 10th Grade - 11th - 12th Grade       ADULT - Age 18-19 - Age 20-24 - Age 24-29 - Age 30-34 - Age 35-39 - Age 40-44 - Age 45-49 - Age 50-54 - Age 55-59 - Age 60-64 - Age 65-69 - Age 70-74 - Age 75-79 - Age 80+ Please notice the current Order of Events for 2017. Click HERE The order may change at the meet due to weather or other unforseen factors. Please notice the Events by Grade / Age for 2017. Click HERE Please notice the Implement Weights for 2017. Click HERE Please notice the Aduts Relay Form for 2017 Click HERE Remember, each Relay Team MUST have a team name. - - - This form is for adults who are competing on only ONE relay team, and no other individual events. (Please read the form carefully.) ____________________________________________________________ - State Games of America website - -  GAMES - Verify Entries here Friday, June 16th after 5pm: To view 2017 ENTRIES, click HERE You may also verify your entry information at check-in. If an Entry List is not available on this webpage Friday after 5pm, any necessary corrections or additions may be made at check-in. - No changes or switching of events is allowed at the meet. No changes are allowed other than to correct an administrative error. Please check the following information on the Entry List for administrative errors: (1) Your Name (correctly spelled, etc.); (2) Correct Club/Team or Unattached; (3) Correct gender (male / female); (4) Correct Grade (youth) or age (adults); (5) Correct event(s). ____________________________________________________________ 2015 Results - - - click HERE 2016 Results - - - click HERE 2017 Results - - - click HERE
the State Games of Oklahoma (formerly - - - Sooner State Games) Track & Field - - - basic information
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NOTE: Students do NOT need a YES-Athletics Membership to participtae in the State Games of Oklahoma.